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Sunday: 10 AM  - 7 PM
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Thursday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Friday: 10 AM - 7 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 7 PM


The Farmhouse Exchange gets it name from the many livestock and grain exchanges that I went to as a child.  At each of these exchanges, farmers bought and sold their goods as a means for survival.  This is the same type of business that we are working to grow today.  We have partnered with many local farms and businesses to be able to bring to you some of the best products from our region. 

-Our beef and pork will always we locally and responsibly raised.

-Our produce will be locally grown as the seasons allow.

-Our milk, eggs and butter are also local and absolutely delicious.

Our selection will be ever growing, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Grazing Cows

It has been a pleasure to partner with several local farmers to bring you local beef and pork which further supports our community.

We have a full deli offering of meat and cheese by the pound.  Our goal is to have a large offering at very affordable pricing.

Cold Meats
Vegetable Basket

We utilize our large deli selection and our partnerships with local farmers to offer you the freshest sandwich toppings and salads.  We have also partnered with a local baker so that our bread is always fresh!

Gateway Candyland

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